"His Performance is one of the wonders of the Houston Musical world, a defining moment in his career. He fills the stage with such joy, such unabashed innocence, such love of performing and knowing just what to do - that whenever he's not on stage, the show gets smaller." - D.L. Groover (Houston Press)

"Standout performance by Marco Camacho as Jack in Into The Woods" - David Clarke (BBW)

"Marco Camacho creates a likeable character... His lively tenor instrument makes numbers like "My Girl" and "Working My Way Back to You" pure fun." - BWW Review

"The most memorable performance would have to be Marco Camacho's peppy and spirited Princeton." - Avenue Q,

BWW Review

Marco Camacho's star turn as Buddy in Elf the Musical
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Interview with Marco Camacho with Broadway World
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